Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where are They Now: Louie (Luey)

We are happy to say that we have seen all of our Laws & Paws dogs become adopted soon after completing the L&P program. So, where are they now? We will try to keep you posted on where our L&P dogs have gone!


Louie was part of the 2011 Laws & Paws training program. He is a hound and German Shepherd mix, estimated to be 10 months old when he joined L&P. We were told that he and his two brothers, Huey and Duey, were abandoned on a farm as puppies. His brothers had already both been adopted when he started with us.

He was a mellow boy from the start and loved to laze around in the grass with his handler during the bonding classes. While the dogs are in the program, they stay in a foster home and Louie had the privilege to stay with King County Sheriff's Office employee Johnny and his two lovely dogs. The four of them had a great time and Louie fit in with the pack. During the six-week program, Louie won first place in the obedience challenge!

Louie's L&P youth handler made this scrapbook page of Louie. 

The Saturday after the Laws & Paws training program was over, the foster parents had to bring their dogs back to Homeward Pet so they could be adopted by their forever families. The day Louie was taken back, our very own PAL Development Manager, Laurie, came in with her dog Sasha so they could meet Louie and see if he would be a good fit to take home. Sure enough, Louie and Sasha got along just fine and Louie went home with Laurie that very day!

Today, Louie is a happy, energetic, playful and loving boy who loves to run and play with the other dogs at the dog park. He loves to lay around outside and sniff the air and chase bugs. Here are some pictures of Louie at his new home!

When he's not running around and playing, Louie loves to be lazy :)

Louie and Sasha love to run around and play

They also like to play tug-of-war with their toys

Louis being a good boy!

Sniffing around the backyard


On June 6, 2011 the kids and dogs in the Laws & Paws program graduated from their 6- week training class. We are so proud of how far the kids have come in the training of their dogs. It has been a real treat to see their confidence grow as they make the connection with their dogs and master their training techniques.

As part of graduation, the kids took their dogs through a training course that included various "challenges" such as sitting, walking fast, walking slow, walking in a circle, laying down and making turns. The kids did such a great job and handled their dogs well.

Awards were given to the dogs for best agility course, best obedience skills and most improved. The kids received a mold of their dog's paw print and a framed picture of them and their dog to remember their time in the program.

After graduation the kids and their parents enjoyed a nice reception with cake and other goodies. During the course, the kids made scrap book pages of their dogs which would be given to the people and families who adopt the dogs.

We would like the give a BIG THANK YOU to the City of SeaTac! With their support we were able to provide a nice graduation reception for the kids and their parents.

Chief Graddon and Officer Davy with the Laws & Paws group after graduation. 

Setting up the graduation course

Some of the scrapbook pages the kids made of their dogs. 

Pictures of the kids and their dogs

The Laws & Paws Cake